We pride ourselves on our range of workwear. A big part of this is the inclusivity of styles which we offer which includes unisex workwear. We have been seeing a shift in the number of businesses who are choosing to offer unisex workwear.

Let’s take a look at why we are seeing the increased adoption of unisex uniforms and our recommendations on how to follow suit.

Benefits of Unisex Workwear

Creating a work environment that embraces diversity and equality is not only morally right but also makes good business sense. When it comes to workwear, the inclusion of unisex items in a uniform range is a crucial step towards fostering a truly inclusive workplace.

Unisex uniform allows for flexibility and inclusivity in terms of sizing. Unisex uniforms often offer a wider range of sizes to accommodate various body types and shapes. This flexibility can ensure that your entire team can feel comfortable and confident in their uniforms. This can help to improve the morale of the team and alleviate any concerns or pressures that staff members may feel around clothing.

Ordering unisex uniforms can also be more cost effective in a uniform management sense. Processes such as ordering, inventory management, and replacement can be simplified. With standardised designs and sizing, businesses can streamline these operations, reduce costs associated with maintaining separate inventories, and minimise the risk of uniform shortages.

Is there an Increase in Unisex Workwear?

We are seeing more and more of the businesses including unisex options within their workwear and uniform offering. This shift has been apparent, especially over the past 12 months. For example, we have seen a large increase in the number of unisex items purchased from the Stanley/Stella range:

Along with the advantages of their unisex workwear items, the entire Stanley/Stella is based in their strong stance on sustainability. 100% of the cotton used by Stanley/Stella is organic cotton. As for the polyester, it is mainly recycled polyester for the sake of the circular economy. This in turn creates long lasting garments which will ideal to be used as everyday workwear.

Production is carried out in a responsible manner, with the rights of the people which they employ being properly respected. Stanley/Stella gives them the means to acquire new skills and to receive education and training.

Our Unisex Recommendations 

Anthem Organic/Vegan Sweatshirt

This Anthem sweatshirt is luxuriously thick and boasts a soft-feel finish inside and out for ultimate comfort. The large surface area is perfect to add your businesses logo via a print or embroidery application. Anthem pride themselves on sourcing as ethically as possible. Anthem makes sure they do not use harmful dyes, colourants or substances during manufacturing and offer full traceability.

Stanley/Stella Organic Unisex Prepster Polo Shirt

The Stanley/Stella Organic Unisex Prepster Polo Shirt is incredibly inclusive in terms of sizing, offering sizes from 2XS to 5XL. This is a great choice of polo to kit out your entire team. Made with 100% organic ringspun combed cotton, the polo has a comfortable boxy fit and finished in refined detailing. This professional looking item is perfect for workwear.

Result Recycled Microfleece Unisex Top

This recycled fleece top from Result is affordable, lightweight and luxurious. This is ideal all seasons and provides great over-the-head layering for uniforms. This workwear item is great for the everyday due to being easy to wash and is quick drying with moisture wicking properties. The fleece is made from the highest quality sustainable yarns using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles offering a sustainable equivalent to conventional yarns.