Placing an Order

This page details the technical specification for posting an order to the Clothes2order API. There are no further steps required to place an order; once you submit a request as detailed below, the order is instantly generated on our system ready for processing.

Common problems

Inside Back Neck Printed Label

Inside back next printed labels can be assigned to your order by attaching a customisation in position code 18. Only one printed label customisation can be used per order, but of course the same printed label customisation can be used on multiple items. The customisation used can only be a single colour print, maximum width 12cm and is only available on selected product types (mainly t-shirts and polo shirts). Inside back neck prints are charged at a much lower rate than standard printing applications; to see your price simply download the pricing data feed in your account. More information on this service is available here.

Customisation Limits

There are no system limits on the number of products or customisations that can be placed on an order. Although we limit Clothes2order users to 6 customisations on our main site, there are no limits to how many customisations you can attach to a garment via the API.

Address requirements

Please note that we require a state or province for delivery to the USA, Canada, and Australia. This is because shipping addresses in these countries are not complete without a state or province. If you do not provide a state or province, your order may be delayed.

Eircode is the national postcode system in Ireland. An Eircode is a unique 7-character code consisting of letters and numbers. Each Eircode consists of a 3-character routing key to identify the area and a 4-character unique identifier for each address. A typical Eircode might read A65 F4E2

We use Irish postcodes “Eircode” to help us deliver your order to the correct address. If you do not provide a valid Irish postcode, your order may be delayed.

You can check the validity of an Irish postcode on the Eircode website:


Place Order API Endpoint

The API endpoint for placing an order is:


Post XML Fields

Post JSON Fields

Node Description
api_key Your API key provided to you when you sign up to use our API.
order->order_id Your generated order id from your ordering system. This is recorded against the order on our system.
order->order_notes Any additional comments related to the order you wish to pass through (optional).
order->delivery_method The delivery method for this order; standard options here are ‘standard’, ‘4day’ or ‘express’.
order->is_blank If this is an order without customisation, set this to ‘yes’ or ‘1’ (optional). Default is ‘no’. Blank products should not be ordered on the same order as customised products.
order->individual_bags If you would like each item bagging in an individual poly bag, set this to ‘yes’ or ‘1’ (optional). Default is ‘no’. There is a charge applicable for this service; the charge can be found in the pricing data feed in your account. More information on this service is available here.
customer->name The name of the customer.
customer->email The email address of the customer. By default, the Clothes2order API will not send any emails to the customer.
customer->telephone The telephone number of the customer.
customer->taxId A tax identifier for the recipient. required for delivery to some countries, if required and not provided the order will be placed on hold
address->delivery_name The name to appear on the delivery address, if not set, customer->name will be used (optional).
address->company_name The company name to appear on the delivery address (optional).
address->address_line_1 The first line of the delivery address.
address->address_line_2 The second line of the delivery address.
address->city The postal city of the delivery address.
address->county This is not needed for UK addresses, but for international addresses you can add a county/state here (optional).
address->postcode The post code of the delivery address.
address->country The delivery country. Please see our delivery page for a list of countries we can deliver to.
products->product->sku The unique SKU code for the product selected. Please see the data feeds page for more information about our downloadable csv files.
products->product->quantity The quantity of the above SKU to order. The same SKU can be used multiple times if different customisations are required on each.
products->product->logos->logo->unique_id If you have customisations that can be purchased multiple times on different orders, setting a unique id will prevent the API having the pull the logo file each time an order is placed (optional). In addition, once the setup charge has been paid for a customisation in the specified size, using the same unique_id will automatically ensure you are not charged a setup charge again for that customisation (assuming the size has not changed).
products->product->logos->logo->file The full URL of the artwork file. This must be set or the order will not be accepted, even if the unique_id is set and the file has been used before. The file should be as you wish it to be produced and adhear to our standard artwork guidelines
products->product->logos->logo->position The position code for where the customisation should be placed. See the position codes page for a full list of position codes.
products->product->logos->logo->width Width image should be produced in cm. If not set or greater than the maximum size for a position, the maximum size will be used. See the position codes page for a full list of maximum sizes.
products->product->logos->logo->type Either ‘print’ (multi colour print), ‘print_1colour’ (single colour print) or ’embroidery’ (embroidery).


Response XML Fields

The API will respond with XML once an order is submitted; please see below for details.

Response JSON Fields

The API will respond with JSON once an order is submitted; please see below for details.


Node Description
status->code Either ‘OK’ or ‘ERROR’. If a fatal error is reported here, the order will not be accepted. You can also check the HTTP response code header; ‘OK’ returns 200, ‘ERROR’ returns 400.
status->msg The associated success or error message.
order_details->order_id The Clothes2order order number for the placed order.
order_details->net_order_value The net cost you have been charged for the order.
order_details->gross_order_value The gross cost you have been charged for the order.
order_details->est_dispatch_date The estimated dispatch date for your order.
warnings->warning Any warning messages about your order will be displayed here.
test_msgs->msg If you are running the API in test mode, testing results will be displayed here.