Position Codes

All customisations sent via the ordering API require a position code to indicate where they should be printed or embroidered. The full list of position codes is below. All positions are stated as worn.

Position Code Position Name Position Diagram Maximum Width
1 Right Sleeve 10 cm
2 Bottom Right 12 cm
3 Right Chest 12 cm
4 Centre Chest 30 cm
5 Left Chest 12 cm
6 Bottom Left 12 cm
7 Left Sleeve 10 cm
8 Centre Back 30 cm
9 Top Back 30 cm
11 Front of Hat 10 cm
12 Bottom Back 30 cm
13 Front of Bag 30 cm
14 Centre Tea Towel 30 cm
15 Left Pocket 12 cm
16 Right Pocket 12 cm
17 Top Chest 30 cm
18 Inside Back (for Printed Labels) 12 cm
19 Front of Tie 5 cm

Important Notes

The maximum width for printing is 30cm, the maximum width for embroidery is 25cm. Any embroidery designs submitted via the API with a width greater than 25cm will automatically have the size reduced to 25cm by the API.