Pant ‘n’ Purr is a house sitting service ran by Shauni and Andy, an Australian couple who have just moved to the UK. Over on the Pant ‘n’ Purr blog, the couple share their stories of travelling on a budget as well as tips for healthy eating, travel, fitness and how to live an overall healthier life. You can find out more about Pant ‘n’ Purr on their blog as well as their Instagram and Facebook page.

Whilst on their travels, the Pant ‘n’ Purr team have ordered personalised clothing from Clothes2order. We spoke to Andy from Pant ‘n’ Purr to find out more about his thoughts on his new personalised clothing.

What do you use your personalised clothing for?

We currently use our personalised clothing to promote our brand. We have purchased personalised t-shirts and we love them! As our brand grows, we are hoping to use merchandise for prizes and giveaways for online competitions and rewards for our followers on social media.

One half of the Pant 'n' Purr team, Andy, in his personalised t-shirt
Andy from Pant ‘n’ Purr in the Fruit of The Loom Valueweight t-shirt.

Why did you choose to shop with Clothes2order?

Clothes2order had really good online reviews and we really liked the ease of the ordering process. We also found their customer service to be excellent and proactive. When we received our personalised clothing, we were really happy with the results and look forward to ordering again soon.

What was your main reason for choosing printed t-shirts?

We definitely did our research to make sure we were going to get great quality products for a great price. We ended up choosing printed t-shirts as they are something that we wear daily. Although being Australians in the UK, we were a little underprepared and should have definitely ordered jackets!

Shaunie from Pant 'n' Purr in the Fruit Of The Loom Valueweight t-shirt
Shauni from Pant ‘n’ Purr in the Fruit Of The Loom Valueweight t-shirt

How would you rate the quality of your printed t-shirts?

We were really happy with the quality of our personalised t-shirts. We ordered the Fruit Of The Loom Valueweight T-Shirt and the Fruit Of The Loom Lady-Fit Value T-Shirt which are fantastic! Not only were we happy with the t-shirts themselves, but the quality of the logo print was excellent with no marking or distortion.

Would you recommend Clothes2order to a friend?

Absolutely! We have already passed on the company details to others that we know who are looking for some custom design garments. We would highly recommend the company to anyone thinking about ordering promotional gear or custom uniforms.

The Pant ‘n’ Purr team will also be offering personal training and strength and conditioning services so be sure to keep an eye on their blog!

If you would like to find out any more information about ordering personalised clothing, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team on 0800 012 2602.