We sent a local 9 year old some of his own personalised ‘swag’ recently to see what he thought of it. We sent a Kids Result Snapback  and a BagBase Camo Backpack.

What did you think when you first saw the bag and hat? 


What is it like having your name on some clothing?

Special to have something I have always wanted and that no-one else has. I know it’s mine.

What is the best thing about the hat?

That it is the same colour as my doggo. And it has my name on it Blue, which is the best colour.

What is the best thing about the bag? 

That it is a bit of blackish camouflage. It’s cool. It fits my stuff in for school better than my last bag.

What happened the first time you wore them to school? 

Some people wanted it or to make there own, and my friends said they were cool. Some of them wanted to know where I get them from and were they real. My friend Alfie asked me how he could get a hat with his name on it.

How would you get someone to buy their own personalised bag or hat?

I would tell them it is cool to have something with your name on it. It makes you feel special.

A word from the parents

I would say he really loves the bag and hat, they were a great treat for him, as a reward for doing well at school. Their good quality and having ‘his logo’ on means he’s much less likely to lose them! Which is definitely a good bonus as a mum who constantly ends up replacing things!