For over 25 years, we have helped numerous different businesses create great uniforms. A well-designed uniform not only enhances your professionalism and credibility but also creates a sense of pride and belonging among your team members. Additionally it can help to create a strong brand which is instantly recognisable by your customers. 

Recently we have undertaken a uniform refresh of our own. We like to keep our uniform up to date and make sure that meets the requirements of each team member. Reflecting on this process, we’d like to share with you some of our top tips to help you create the ideal uniform for your business.

Create a Uniform

Reflect Your Brand

The first step in creating a uniform is to choose products that reflect your brand. Your uniform should be a visual representation of your brand. This can help to create consistency across all areas of your business. 

Consider the colours, patterns, and fabrics that best reflect your brand identity. For example, if your brand has sustainability at its heart, a good fabric choice would be using products made with organic cotton

In terms of reflecting our brand, we have 4 different brand colours which are used across our website and all of the content we produce. Therefore, it was important to us that these colours are used within our own uniform in some regard.

Back of a perky blenders t shirt

Purpose of the Uniform 

The function of a uniform can vary greatly depending on the industry and the job duties of your employees. For example, do you need workwear which must conform to certain industry standards? Perhaps there is a requirement for different uniforms for different divisions within your business. It is important to consider the needs of your team when choosing products and designs to ensure that the uniform serves its intended purpose.

Choose the Right Products

Following on from outlining the purpose of your uniform, the next important consideration is to select the right products to match the purpose. We would recommend to browse our collection of custom workwear.

If your team is on the go or predominantly works outside then we would strongly recommend adding a breathable product to your uniform. Examples of these can be found within our sportswear section. Adding a sportswear item such as the AWDis Cool Polo Shirt are breathable and comfortable but still provide that professional look when customised.

Design Your Logo

Your logo might be the first thing a customer sees and could help create their first impression of your company. A logo has the power to make your business instantly recognisable just by a simple design so it’s important to get it right. Whether you have a logo or do not it is important the logo reflects your brand. What does your brand stand for and does your logo represent this?

Your logo should be prominently displayed on the uniform and sized and positioned to maximise its impact. Our most popular placement for logos is on the left chest. This is a very prominent position which draws attention to your logo. In fact, this is the position we have chosen for our own uniform refresh. We have also chosen to place our logo on the top of the back of our uniform. This is a subtle touch but it ensures increased visibility of the logo and is becoming a more and more popular addition with customers.

Additionally, you may want to consider to copyright your logo to ensure that it can be replicated or imitated by anybody else. However, you need to be confident that your logo is unique in its own right.

Three team members wearing a customised blue polo shirt

Product Capsules

When selecting your uniform we would recommend choosing clothing from the same brand. This is because items manufactured by brand are made to match. This means there is complete colour consistency across the range. Therefore you can coordinate products and build the look of your choice for your entire team. 

This ensures that there are not different shades of the same colour in your uniform. This is the case our brands including Russell and Fruit of the Loom

Get Team Buy-In

Involve your team in the uniform creation process. Make sure their input and feedback is heard to ensure that they feel comfortable and confident in their new attire. Consider offering a range of product options to suit different preferences and body types. This will help to build team unity and create a sense of ownership and pride among your employees.


Layering is an important aspect of creating a uniform. It allows your employees to adapt to changing weather conditions and provides flexibility in terms of styling. Consider offering a range of layering options, such as jackets, hoodies, and polos. This to help your team stay comfortable and stylish throughout the year.

A team wearing their full workwear collection


If you are doing a big uniform overhaul in your business, it can be helpful to order a single item with your logo to ensure you achieve the desired look.

This will help you to avoid ordering a large quantity of products that do not meet your expectations. Additionally, offering a single item with your logo can be a great way to test buy-in of different stakeholders before committing to a larger order.

Create a Uniform Policy

Establishing a uniform policy is important to ensure that everyone is aware of the dress code requirements. This policy should outline the expectations for wearing the uniform, as well as any care instructions. This way your uniform will look consistent across your entire team.

Creating a great uniform for your business requires careful planning and consideration. By reflecting your brand, creating a logo, getting team buy-in, layering, and ordering samples you can ensure that your team looks and feels their best while representing your business.

Get in touch today to start creating your range of uniform today.