Whether it’s a sunshiny top to be worn by professional dance partners on a cruise ship, a crisp white number for staff at a convention or a durable grey T-shirt for delivery drivers to wear when representing your organisation, a T-shirt is a brilliant shop-front for your organisation.

Some individuals in a business can carry a different message to others – one company in the West of England has delivery staff who wear ‘How’s my smiling?’ T-shirts, featuring a delivery van image and a number to call if the delivery person is particularly pleasant … as a result of this simple message, they are finding that they get first orders from organisations in buildings they’ve delivered to, because the T-shirts have created a recognition factor.

Words and pictures

One key feature of a marketable popular T-shirt is a popular or funny slogan. Can your business create an amusing but professional slogan or image that makes it memorable? Sheila’s Wheels insurance company made a splash with their vivid pink TV adverts – and the follow through led to a ‘fan’ site, downloadable adverts and music and even staff wearing pink and Sheila’s Wheels tribute acts! The Meerkats are producing an even bigger public recognition factor – can your business do the same?

Choose a garment

Using really high quality blank T-shirts and good print quality gives you durable and attractive T-shirts for your employees.

Work with your printer

A T-shirt printer has the skills and capacity to produce fairly short runs so you can test the water on your new ideas, maybe by outfitting a single department or region, before sinking lots of capital into them.