We produce thousands of prints each week for various customers around the world. We’re really proud of the high quality prints that we produce and the high standards which we have come to set ourselves as a company.

Customer focus is one of our most important core values so it’s our main aim to make sure you’re happy with both the products and services which you’ve recieved. Because of this we thought it would be a good idea to show you exactly what you should and shouldn’t expect from one of our most popular printing methods – DTG printing.

What is DTG Printing?

Our Direct To Garment printing process works very much like an advanced inkjet printer. To make sure the ink doesn’t soak into the fabric, the garment is first sprayed with a pre-treatment spray. Meanwhile the design is uploaded to computer software connected to the DTG printer. The garment is then placed in the printer and the design is printed directly onto the garment.

DTG printing uses Neo-Pigment inks which are 100% non-hazardous, 100% toxin free and are also safe for infants and babies.


What should you expect from DTG printing?

Bright, Solid Colour

One of the great things about DTG printing is that it’s perfect for multi colour designs. Our printers also print in the CMYK Spectrum and produce vibrant, colourful prints, just like this t-shirt.

Clear, Crisp Image

As well as printing really vibrant colours, DTG printing is good for printing crisp, bold images like these customisations below.

We always strive to achieve extremely high quality, crisp, bold prints with our DTG printers. One of the best ways to ensure the highest quality prints is by uploading the highest quality artwork. Artwork files we accept are:

jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, ai, eps, ps, pdf, png, psd, svg, tiff, tif – the maximum size file is 50 mb

However if your artwork isn’t high enough quality, don’t worry, our expert artwork team will contact you to let you know and advise you on the best solution.

What shouldn’t you expect from DTG printing?

Grainy Images

Our DTG printers are highly capable of producing detailed solid images so your garment definitely shouldn’t show a grainy image. The image may have been printed grainy because the way the art file has been designed, however our expert Artwork team will be able to tell if a file is likely to product a high quality print or not and will contact you to discuss if it’s the latter.

Our Quality Control (QC) team also check every single order so your printed t-shirt won’t leave us unless we’re 100% happy with it! If for any reason you have received a grainy print, please get in touch with us so we can resolve the issue for you.

Faded Colour

As mentioned, our DTG printers produce vibrant, colourful prints therefore any faded prints are definitely a misprint. However, faded prints do sometimes happen due to low ink or issues with the printer heads. This isn’t up to our standards and is something our DTG team and QC team will pick up on.

T-Shirt Stains

Before we print directly onto the garment, we spray the t-shirt with a pre-treatment spray to avoid the dye from discolouring the garment. This rarely stains the garment but on a rare occasion, it may leave a stain which can be very easily washed off in cold water. If a garment is stained in production, our trusted QC team will ensure the stain is spotted and not sent to our customers. However in the unlikey instance that a stained garment slips through our fingers and doesn’t come out with cold water, please contact us so we can get it replaced for you!

How to prolong the life of your DTG print

Follow the wash care guide that comes with your order – it’s as simple as that! As our products are specially made for you, they also require special care which is detailed in the wash care guide. Simple steps such as washing at 30, turning the garment inside out and ironing the garment on a low heat turned inside out are all simple steps you can take to ensure your specially made garments lasts.