Staycation is a term that we have been hearing increasingly over the past few years. With more and more of us choosing to holiday within the UK for a variety of reasons. This trend is set to grow and further continue in the immediate future. Visit Britain has forecast 64% growth in domestic overnight tourism spending and 69% growth in leisure day trip spending based on the 2020 figure. This combined with the expected increase in inbound travellers this year indicates reasons for optimism for the UK tourism industry.

With this expected growth of spending and increased demand in this sector, now is more important than ever to stand out from the rest. A way this can be easily achieved is for you and your team to have custom branded uniforms. This has many benefits including keeping your brand on display, looking professional and having your staff easily identifiable by customers.

We all know how unpredictable the conditions can be in the UK but this does not stop the demand for tourism. Therefore, it is important to layer clothing effectively in uniforms. This helps to keep your team warm, dry and confrontable through the day. Having each layer of your team’s uniform customised creates a strong sense of professionalism and brand identity. This will give tourists a strong impression of your business. 

A key reason why both domestic and international tourists choose the UK is to enjoy the great outdoors and explore the areas of natural beauty. But the UK’s unpredictable weather can pose issues for staff uniforms, especially when it comes to tourism focused businesses. Layering effectively can help combat this issue and is a key consideration for deciding on your uniform. 

What is Layering?

Layering successfully helps to regulate body temperature depending on the conditions. Layering helps you to stay warm in cold conditions. Air is trapped in between layers which causes insulation to keep you warm. Wearing several thin layers can often be more effective at insulating. During the day depending on what activity you’re doing or the weather improving a layer can be removed to adapt to the conditions. 

Each layer of uniform can fall into one of three categories: Base Layers, Mid-Layers & Outer layers.

Base Layers

A base layer is arguably the most important layer. A base layer is closest to the skin and is the first layer to trap air to retain body heat. An effective base layer should be long sleeved in order to maximise skin coverage. But it is always important to consider what activity you’ll be primarily doing whilst wearing your uniform. For example, if your activities involve being on the go all day, you would need a lightweight base layer which wicks moisture. This is why wearing a cotton t-shirt is not an effective choice as a base layer. Cotton can make you feel cold and damp due to it soaking up moisture. 


The mid layer has the most options in terms of style and type of clothing. Fleeces, softshells and bodywarmers all make ideal mid-layers. Mid-layers are versatile and suitable for everyday use and in mild conditions can be worn in addition to a base layer. Adding your logo to your mid-layer can create brand recognition for tourists which in turn can create repeat custom year on year. 

The time which your staff spend working outdoors is a factor in determining the most suitable mid-layer. For example, the Regatta Thor Fleece is a great mid-layer choice for those outdoors the majority of the day. This fleece is comfortable and long lasting with the anti-pill fabric preventing bobbling. Additionally, this material is fast drying.

Outer layers

Worn as the top layer, the outer layer typically offers the most weather protection. Which activities your staff are doing will be the most important factor in choosing an outer layer. Outer layers have different properties such as being waterproof, windproof or insulated. A waterproof jacket is one of the most common outer layers. Ideally, this layer need to be lightweight and easy to pack away in the changing conditions.

Beanies and Caps

Along with layering your uniform effectively, beanies and caps should be an important consideration for uniform. This is due to the practically provided and branding potential. Beanies and caps can offer further warmth and protection from the elements. But, can also be a constant reminder of your brand once personalised. Personalisation’s on headwear sit just above eye-level when worn so customers are guaranteed to see your branding.

Here at Clothes2order we have a wide range layering options with 1000’s of different combinations. For a full workwear kit if you’re in the travel & tourism industry, Charlie in Marketing recommends:

Base Layer: AWDis Cool T-Shirt

Mid-Layer: Russell Fleece Gilet

Outer Layer: Result Urban Outdoor Padded Jacket

Hat: Beechfield Knitted Hat