Let’s get to it; the approach we have had throughout the pandemic as everyone has faced a lot of changes but as a result comes progress.

We approached partners for stories of resilience and success from changes made along the way. Clothes2order pride ourselves on bringing people together through customised clothing.

A member of the team at Fitbox spoke with us, they shared how they navigated through the pandemic and how we collaborated together with customised clothing.

Fitbox and their motto

Who are you & what do you do?

I am Kate Green and work for Fitbox. I am responsible for our social media and marketing.

What success have you had?

Staying afloat and remaining “open”. Gyms closing hasn’t shut us down. We remain a community.  Online has been the driving force, the same for everyone in this climate of the pandemic and lockdown.

The future is excting as we are bigger now. We have a new unit which has been created that is 8x the size. This unit has been adapted for when we can reopen and support our community the way we enjoy the most.

Instagram has really taken off for us, we feel we have delivered well on this platform. We are focusing more on Facebook with our audience who have a great community spirit. Motivation, disciipline and consistancy hase been high considering the climate. Social has been the best platform to keep the conversations going. Members have been great in exercising as regularly as they can.

How have you remained calm, navigated through the pandemic and continue to support your community?

Adaptation has been essential. There has been blockers but we do see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s great to see new members moving from national based gyms to our online services.

Online servicing is led by self employed personal trainers working directly with clients. They remain engaged with our brand we go about supporting them with fitness as regularly as they need it.

How have you increased your awareness?

Social channels, Facebook and community conversations with that channel being the biggest opportunity for growth. As a team we put in actionable support. We do everything with a community first mindset.

Fitbox have a motto we love which is;

“All effort, No ego”

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Our collaboration

How does custom branded clothing support what you do?

It’s a great way to share a marketing message to current and new customers. Everyone in the team is a personal self employed PT so it connects us all together and delivers a message of our connection. Those who attend Fitbox can also buy from any colour on your website as we direct them to the products we buy from you.

What product did you buy & why?

Hoodies (normal and zip-up) T-shirts and Vests. We favour hoodies for comfort and wearing out and about to represent our brand to others in the local community.

How would you describe our service & quality?

Our hoodies are worn a lot so that must be a good sign.

Loyal members come to us to order them or they go directly to you. People do this on the odd occasion, they do this when they want a different colour. We buy from you in our branded choices those being black, green and grey. It’s a really simple process to buy online with you.

Our garments quality from you have been great. When they have arrived they are the best vs. others. Service has been amazing too.

What was disappointing in your experience with us?

Nothing, we have always been really happy with product and service. An account manager has been great to have. They are always there to help us.

It has been great as we increase the size of our order again and again.

What is the one thing we could do to make you happier?

Open gyms? In all serious this is out of your control, your partnership to deliver clothing has been really good for us. The communication throughout the process has been great.

What recommendations do you have for other similar businesses?

Start conversations on your social channels. If you don’t know where to start with this, seek help through partners. If it appears hard to navigate we suggest seeking help. We have outsourced anything we don’t have the skill sets to do immediately and it’s been really effective for us. We have used our initiative thoroughout. All government support has gone back into the business to keep delivering benefit back to those who use our gym and it’s services.

On a scale of zero to ten, how resilient have you been through the pandemic?

A good 8 or 9; I’m happy for you put 10.

It’s been hard to be closed throughout. We made the most out of the situation to help our community. We are looking forward to the future and working together again.