In case you’ve been living under a rock, let us introduce you to Thursday. Not the day of the week, which you probably know quite well, but the new dating app which has been making a hell of a noise through viral marketing and stand out content over the last few weeks and months.

The innovative app which only works one day a week (I don’t think we need to tell you which one) is a fantastic case study in how a business can stand out and be different. It has generated PR and social coverage by doing things differently, so we wanted to tell you their story – and our small part in it.

So what is Thursday

A dating app with a simple but unique premise. “Match. Chat. Date in one day – because there is more to life than dating apps.”

Why are we telling you about it?

We love businesses who think a bit differently, not only in their proposition but also in the way they market themselves. Thursday has done a fair bit of interesting promo, but what really caught our eye is what they’ve done to deliver wide awareness on a tight budget. Much of this has been delivered by a powerhouse of an intern (paid they are keen to note, we like this a lot) Anya Jackson.

Given tiny budgets, some awesome printed t shirts and sweatshirts, a few balloons and some handcuffs (more on that later) Anya generated a huge amount of engagement on linkedin with her creative approach to getting app downloads:

There has been some mixed reaction to these campaigns, with some pointing out that particularly the cuffing to a pole is perhaps a bad look for the brand and negative PR. Reading the full back story though these have been Anya’s ideas which she has developed and executed with the companies backing. Where do you stand on this? Innovative and creative, supporting an intern to execute their ideas or crossing an ethical line? Anya let us all know where she stands on this with the cheeky line on the last post ‘PS hope nobody is offended by dates’

We can”t wait to see what Thursday do next and if you want to make some noise with custom branded clothing as part of your next campaign give us a shout.