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We are delighted to launch Brilliant Masks. Developed along side Alder Hey Hospital for maximum safety, comfort and sustainably produced start to finish in the UK.

We believe in in doing things right – producing great products in the most ethical and sustainable ways. With face coverings becoming such an important part of daily life, we want to produce something that meets our standards – giving you a product you can trust that we are happy to call, well, Brilliant!

We have been hard at work with Alder Hey and have come up with a face cover we feel is the best on the market. It has been designed to minimise the possibility of airbourne transmission between people and is the same design Aldery Hey hospital trust for their patients and visitors. It has an anti viral finish and the nosebridge, which also helps make it comfortable, minimises the airbourne escape of particles.

We are particularly proud of it’s ethical and sustainability credentials. Not only is it entirely made in the UK, reducing the carbon footprint, but the products itself is built to last. Disposable face covers are contributing to a mounting environmental challenge so we believe the best solution is a mask that lasts.

This exciting new product is available in a range of stylish designs for adults and children on our new dedicated site,

Brilliant Masks can also be produced with your custom design in quantities of just 60 and above. Contact us to help us make sure your business has the best custom branded face coverings available.

Why is it brilliant
Why is it Brilliant?!