With over 20 years of experience we know what goes into creating great embroidery. Our incredibly skilled team members have a strong attention to detail and ensure every single embroidery application is produced to the highest quality.

What Makes a Great Embroidery?

The key component in creating great embroidery is having a skilled production team. We have experienced operators who take a real pride in their work. This experience and skill combined with a trained eye is crucial to ensuring our great embroidery. The quality of embroidery applications will suffer if it has not been executed precisely by a skilled operator. Care and pride in our work are key reasons why our embroidery is great.

In combination with an expert production team, contributions from the Artwork and Quality Control teams are also imperative in creating great embroidery. For example, the Artwork team ensures all designs and logos are optimised through a process known as digitisation. Once the embroidery application has been placed, the Quality Control team thoroughly checks that each embroidered item meets our strict quality criteria.

The embroidery machines are of significant importance to achieve great embroidery quality. We use Tajima machines which are renowned in the industry. Tajima are widely regarded as the best in class. Is due the machines efficiency and accuracy to reality. Additionally, our embroidery machinery is regularly maintained for quality defect-free applications time after time. 

Along with the machinery, high quality materials are essential in order to create great embroidery. Within our embroidery production, we use the premium, best in class materials from leading brand Madeira. Our premium Madeira threads are key in achieving long lasting vivid colours and attaining high accuracy to the original design. This is not an area to cut costs by using cheaper threads as this will achieve a low quality result. Also, within our embroidery production, we use Maderia’s best in class cutaway backing. Backing is a piece of fabric which is used to stabilise  and bind the application to the garment. Using cheap backing is detrimental as visible damage to the application can occur during production if used.

A further consideration for great embroidery is to choose suitable clothing to be embroidered. We would recommend items such as  polo shirts, jackets, fleeces, aprons, hats and shirts to create stand out embroidery pieces.

Benefits of Choosing Great Embroidery

Choosing great embroidery can be beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, great embroidery provides a professional look. This smart and professional finish is ideal for uniforms and workwear. On the other hand, poor embroidery on workwear will adversely impact the perception of your brand. This visual impression will reflect negatively on customers.

Great embroidery lasts for the lifetime of the garment and is durable. This is ideal for garments which will be used everyday. In the long run, great embroidery can work out to be more cost effective as poor quality applications do not have the same longevity with the application more likely to disintegrate.

Create a strong sense of brand with great embroidery. This is because great quality embroidery is incredibly accurate to the original design. This can provide continuity across all areas of a business.

What Are The Differences?

What a should a great embroidered logo look like? At first glance these logos may look similar, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that there are some distinct differences between these logos.

In the above image Clothes2order’s embroidery is in the centre with two alternative embroidery providers either side.

A key visible difference is the finish of the embroidery. For example on the embroidery applications from the alternative embroidery providers, there are jagged outside edges instead of clean lines. Also, there are colours overlapping and elements of the text connected which shouldn’t be. These applications may have been rushed and placed the emphasis on quantity produced instead of quality. At Clothes2order we put quality first and this is of paramount importance to us. This results in our embroidery applications having clean, sharp lines which give an overall professional look and feel.

Additionally, another difference between the embroidery is the accuracy to the initial design. For example, an alternative provider’s embroidery does not match the original design. Within the butterfly design, there are prominent black lines which divide the colours on the butterfly’s wing. However, with an alternative embroidery provider these lines are absent which, therefore, makes the embroidery inaccurate to the initial design. These lines are clear and distinct within Clothes2order’s embroidered design. This realism is achieved by our best in class machinery and the great attention to detail of our artwork team ensuring the design has been correctly digitised in order to give the best possible embroidered results.

Get inspired with a visit to our Embroidery Gallery which showcases examples of our great embroidery work. Additionally, there is regular content on our Facebook and Instagram accounts showing our latest embroidery work.