At Clothes2order, we take a real pride in our embroidery. We love to create quality bespoke embroidered applications and have been doing so for over 20 years. Each item which we produce has a professional high-quality finish due to our cutting-edge technology and our expert team. We are proud to see the joy our embroidery creates to our customers through our positive reviews and pictures shared on social media.

Our expert team are at the heart of what we do and are the primary reason for our high-quality customised clothing. Their knowledge and pride in their work ensures that each item which leaves our premises meets our high standards.

For example, within our embroidery process, our artwork team assures that each design and logo can look as good as possible. Each design is manually redrawn by our team into a format which can be read by our embroidery machines. If there are any limitations with an uploaded design our artwork team will work with you so each design can be produced as high-quality embroidery application.

Once the artwork has been approved the order is left is the very capable hands of our highly skilled embroidery team who will produce the quality embroidered clothing.

We use the best in class threads and machinery in our embroidery production process. We use Tajima machines which are renowned in the industry. These machines are widely regarded as the best in class in terms of efficiency and accuracy to reality. The Tajima machine partnered with the market leading Madeira thread means high quality applications time after time.

To dive deeper, we caught up with our embroidery team leader, Ewelina Ladouceur, to get her take on our embroidery process and what makes our embroidery applications quality.

Why should you choose an embroidery application?

Definitely for durability, especially for workwear items. Embroidery is very long lasting. It will remain smart, wash after wash. It is a good choice for clothing that will be worn everyday.

What do you recommend for an embroidered design?

Don’t be afraid to use bright colours for designs as this can really make the embroidery look vibrant and stand out. This can be very eye-catching and looks very interesting.

We can also embroider text. This can be from both the texts available as an option in our customisation tool and text elements that are in an uploaded logo. A line of text can look good when placed below a logo.

I think that embroidery looks best when it is positioned on the left chest as this makes uniforms look professional.

What makes our embroidery applications high quality?

We use good quality materials for our embroidery. For example we use high quality backing for the applications. Backing helps to stabilise the embroidery application onto the item of clothing and is a very important part of the process. If cheaper, lower quality backing was used it would have a big negative impact on the look and feel of the application.

We also use threads which are the highest quality in our opinion. We use Madeira threads, these are the premium best in class thread. We have ran tests on different threads but none come close to the threads which we use in production. We can really see the difference and it shows in the quality of applications that we can produce. This is not a area to cut costs and use cheaper threads as this will achieve a low quality result. Therefore, we use Madeira threads to create our high quality applications.

We have an expert team with highly trained staff. This is due to having a comprehensive onboarding and continuous training program. Everyone on the team makes sure orders are produced to the highest quality. 

Our machinery is regularly maintained so we can produce quality applications time after time. 

What is your favourite item to embroider?

We can produce embroidery applications on a wide variety of garments. But I would say maybe polo shirts. We like having orders where we can kit out full teams. Due to our production methods, the quality of embroidery application will be the same high quality across all items in an order.

More examples of out embroidery can be found in our Embroidery Gallery or on Instagram and Facebook pages